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Monthly Cash Prizes!

May 2024 Draw Result

The May 2024 200+ Club draw took place at the White Hart Pub on the 16th May. The winning numbers were drawn by Lois Aziz.

First prize – £80.00 – Tomi Umamoto-Rixon (subscription number 243)
Second prize - £40.00 – Mr and Mrs J Dempsey (subscription number 164)
Third prize - £20.00 – Urmi & Sej Shah (subscription number 270)
Fourth prize - £10.00 –  John Thompson & Sandra Green (subscription number 207)

The next 200+ Club draw is planned for 7:30 pm on Thursday the 20th June, at the White Hart Pub.  As always everyone is welcome to join us.

Geoff Fellows - Brodie Lodge 200+ Club Organiser.

If you would like to subscribe for 2024 - 2025 and have a chance of winning over the remaining months of the year, please download the form and follow the instructions.


Congratulations to the winners, and thank you everyone for your support, as this fund-raiser sustained us throughout the pandemic and continues to form a large part of our revenue to maintain the recreation field and pavilion for all to enjoy.

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