Monthly Cash Prizes!

May 2022 Draw Result.

The May, 2022 200+ Club Draw was held on the 19th May at The Police House, Brockhall Road.  The winning numbers were drawn by Lindsey Fellows. 


First prize – £80.00 – Mr and Mrs P Mayne (subscription number 183)

Second prize - £40.00 – John Thompson and Sandra Green (subscription number 66)

Third prize - £20.00 – Mr and Mrs J Davis (subscription number 163)

Fourth prize - £10.00 –   Mr and Mrs P Mayne (subscription number 184)

The next 200+ Club draw is planned for 7:30 pm on Thursday the 23rd June, again at The Police House (unless another venue can be found in the village by then).

The June, 2022 draw will be the first draw using the new season's 200+ Club numbers. Many thanks to all those who have supported us by buying entries to the 200+ Club, and for those who have not done so yet please feel free to get in touch with us (via the Brodie Lodge website) and we will respond promptly!  Good luck to all of our subscribers.


Geoff Fellows.

Brodie Lodge 200+ Club Organiser.