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Did you know?

Brodie Lodge Playing Field is at the heart of Flore village in Northamptonshire.

The Playing Field spans 6 acres and is located at the bottom of Spring Lane, close to the village Primary School and Church. It is available for use by all the local community, for sport, for play, for relaxation and just as importantly it provides indoor and outdoor social space to meet up and catch up with fellow residents, dog walkers, and friends.  

Having been generously donated to villagers in the 1960’s, Brodie Lodge is now operated as a charity  and maintained voluntarily by a group of Trustees and supporters. Flore Parish Council fund grass cutting but all other aspects of maintenance and development are as a result of independent fundraising or voluntary activity.

 The field offers a children's playground, junior & adult football pitches, a petanque terrain and a skateboard ramp. All these facilities are surrounded by open green space and an established hedgerow and trees where wildlife flourishes.  

Whether you are a villager or a visitor please enjoy our field and facilities!


A little bit of history. Sir Oliver Lodge, an eminent scientist and socialist, was the first person to transmit radio waves along a wire in 1888, and later he went on to invent electric spark ignition for the petrol engine.

He and his wife, Mary, had six girls and six boys and two of the boys, Brodie and Alec, went on to found the Lodge Spark Plug Company and to invent high-tension ignition, building upon their father’s work. In late 1949 the Lodge Plug Company was floated on the stock exchange and Brodie Lodge retired on the proceeds, buying Flore House and the land around it.

In the early 1960’s Brodie Lodge offered to sell the playing field to Flore Parish Council. The price was more than the parish could then afford, and so he decided TO donate the field to the villagers. In 1999 a group of villagers decided to a charitable trust and management commitee which is how the playing field is still adminstered.

Since 1999 the field has been enhanced to provide an extended Pavilion building, a childrens' playground, football pitches, a skateboard ramp and most recently a petanque terrain.

This is a picture of Mr Francis Brodie-Lodge with his dog, Joe, and it was taken in March, 1932. Mr Francis Brodie-Lodge is one who gave the playing field in trust to the village.


Our Pavilion building is available for hire evenings and weekends. Please contact us for more details

The football pitches are regularly used at weekends by Flore Park Rovers

The Petanque terrain is available for anybody to use. Flore WI regularly play on Thursday evenings in fair weather but other villagers are always welcome to join in.

The Playground equipment is regularly inspected to ensure compliance with safety standards. Please ensure children use the equipment only for the play for which it is designed.



We meet regularly to plan fundraising activity, control finances, decide upon investment and plan how the playing field can be maintained to make it a both pleasant and practical place for everyone to enjoy. We actively volunteer throughout the year with maintenance tasks and to organise and run our fundraising events, the most significant being monthly Car Boot Sale events during the Summer months.

We are always keen to recruit new volunteers and trustees to help secure the future of our playing field. Could you help?

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